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Our next event is Tuesday, August 16th, at Pinstripes 11AM- 1PM

Our speaker is David Boim – 

“Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Business – Being Actionable”

David Boim

In 1952, women earned .64 for every $1 earned by their male counterparts; it dropped to .60 in 1978; and is .82 in 2022. Women comprise 4.6% of the CEOs of Fortune 500. The schism runs deeper.

There are 24 (of 100) women Senators and 27% of the Members of the House. There has never been a woman President.

Women make up 85% of domestic abuse victims; 87% of victims of human trafficking.

Discrimination against women in business cannot be separated from discrimination of women in life.

What can be done?

About David:

David is the CEO of DSB Associates. For the past 35+ years, DSB has transformed businesses into flexible, responsive, flat organizations that drive dynamic growth. DSB uniqueness is that David combines revenue generation, financial acumen, building a culture of collaboration, and a history of successful engagements with a deep understanding of technology.

Now, retired, David chairs the Kansas City Business Strategy Group. The group has nearly 600 members and meets the first Tuesday of every month. David conducts 25 to 30 one-on-ones each week with solopreneurs and company executives to help them drive revenue and grow value in their companies. (He does this work pro bono.)

Born in Chicago, David has been a civil rights activist for more than 55 years. He is a woman’s rights advocate and fought for the United Farm Workers by leading boycotts of stores that sold non-union lettuce and grapes.

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September 20th Event

Our Speaker is Mary Ricketts



Show Them Who You Are

Mary will remind us as women to Show Them Who You Are through the power of building our leadership skills, remembering our purpose, and trusting our instincts so that we can follow our passions.  She’ll hit on some critical how-to’s, and help us keep our focus on the things that make us successful women.

Mary is proud to say she’s from Kansas City, Kansas. As someone with a desire to positively impact the world around her, she’s found her place using her KCK roots as a launching pad to make a difference in her own Wyandotte County along with spreading across the KC metro area, the Midwest, and beyond.

Since answering her calling and making a career change from the Telecommunications industry to where she is today, Mary quickly became one of the most passionate, results-oriented executive and business leaders operating today. It is by applying her 25+ years of experience in leadership, management and sales to her role as President & CEO, that she is able to help business leaders realize greater results, stay accountable to their dreams and achieve their goals.

Partnering with John Maxwell’s team helped her sharpen her training and development abilities. She founded Turning Point Training and Development in 2019 in response to requests from community partners that were needing a professional and experienced resource to achieve organizational success and healthy company culture.

Bringing a high level of energy and engagement to her audiences, Mary has uplifted minds and hearts with her knowledge, along with her dynamic speaking style. She’s conducted workshops across the country and acted as an expert for organizations like the Small Business Administration, SCORE, Kansas City Business Journal, Yes She Can Women’s Conference, Linwood YMCA, Kansas Leadership Center, and NBC Community Development Corp.

Throughout her career, Mary has helped countless business owners and executive teams overcome the challenges they experience. She offers laser-like focus, clarity of objective, and strategic guidance on planning and effective execution techniques.

A servant leader at heart, Mary is the Foundation Board Chair for Kansas City Kansas Community College and Board President of InnovateHER, Inc. She is also a local health equity action team consultant and advisor for the University of Kansas Medical Center COPE (Communities Organizing to Promote Equity) project. As a proud mom and grandmother, she is often involved in many community groups from the PTA to her church, and supporting groups and activities to raise awareness and funds for things like educational scholarships, domestic violence shelters, and school resources.

You can reach Mary at or 913.228.2250.

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