Hello from the ABWA KC Express Network Executive Board!  

These professional business women volunteer their time, expertise, and extra effort to serve as leaders to the ABWA KCEN community.  The leadership team holds regular board meetings monthly.  Together they discuss chapter business, organize regular events, monthly luncheons and much more. Being recognized as a part of this leadership team for the ABWA KCEN is a great honor these ladies take pride in providing.


ABWA KCEN Executive Board, 2017-2018


President: Janelle Burlin 

President-Elect: Carrie Bingham

VP of Finance: Cathy Weaver 

VP of Membership: Nancy Ogelsby


VP of Communications: Nancy Miller

VP Marketing & PR: Desiree Wilcox

VP of Programming: Marlisa VanKemseke

Top 10/Woman of the Year Chair: Nancy Ballenger

For more info on leadership opportunities please contact abwakc@gmail.com or reach our national office at: www.abwa.org