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 Event Speaker – January 15th, 2019

Dana Gonnerman

Mastering Excellence, Inc

Dana Gonnerman is the owner and President of Mastering Excellence, Inc..  After finishing her B.A. in Accounting, Dana chose a non-traditional career path which provided the freedom and flexibility to earn an executive income while staying home with her three daughters. 

In 1995, she began building a highly successful, independent sales organization as part of a division of a Fortune 500 company.  As part of that team, she earned some of the most lucrative incentive rewards available including international trips and vehicles.  Dana was a national trainer with this organization for over 13 years and trained some of their top producers.

Recognizing her passion for developing and empowering people, she founded Mastering Excellence in 2011.   She helps clients develop processes and implement tools that align their goals with specific actions essential for success.  he does this through individual and group coaching, training, consulting, facilitating Mastermind groups and speaking. 

She loves the challenge of putting the pieces together which provide clarity and confidence to her clients that they are creating the life and careers they deserve.