Event & Speaker

ABWA Express Network 20 Year  Anniversary Celebration 



It’s a New Year and a New Venue!!!  

We will be celebrating our 20 year Anniversary by looking back over the last 20 years, and all the chievements. We will be hearing from many past presidents and learning about all the amazing activites and growth coming in 2020.

List of Presidents:

1999-2000  Meg Montford                                    2000-2001  Rebecca Stover

2001-2002  Mary Pickett-Pennington                2002-2003  Nancy Hosier

2003-2004  Darlene Dworak                               2004-2005  Mary Kaye Crumrine

2005-2006  Debbie Miller                                    2006-2007   Barbara Fishman

2007-2008  Debbie Garr                                      2008-2009   Debra Kunz

2009-2010  Jennier Matascik                              2011-2012   Stephanie Cachero-Henry

2012-2014   Nancy Miller                                     2014-2015   Tanya Wilson

2015-2016   Danee (Wallace) Greenwald          2016-2017   Janelle Burlin

2017-2018   Carrie Bingham                                2019-           Ann Wilkinson



Luncheon Sponsor

Adrian Richie

Owner-Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, Medical Aesthetician, Certified Laser Technician, Body Contouring Specialist, Skin Care Product Line Entrepreneur. 

Adriane Ritchie, LE, CLT, PSC received her degree in Paramedical Skincare at the Florida College of Natural Health in Miami. For over 18 years in both Miami and Kansas City, she has practiced in the cosmetic skin care industry as a medical aesthetician, manufacturer representative, consultant and medical spa owner. Her unique professional aesthetic experience is based on a philosophy of individual skin requires custom skin care treatments. This foundational approach has been validated with a very successful medical spa practice and demonstrated by the improved skin health of thousands of her clients. 

This distinctive professional philosophy was achieved through the knowledge gained from her years of   industry consultation with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical spas. These professional relationships afford her access to the most cutting-edge technology and professional specialists in the medical spa industry.

Adriane opened her branded treatment center, Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, in 2010 under the direction of a medical doctor to share this unique skill and philosophy of skincare results. Offering services such as customized facials, lasers, injectables,body contouring, medical weight loss, hair restoration, skincare products and more. 

With a robust sense of community, she and the organization support several charities, promote small businesses and contribute to regional industry higher education.  Adriane shares her professional understanding as a regular guest speaker at area skincare academies. Advanced Aesthetics was recently recognized as the 2019 Best Medical Spa of Overland Park.

Adriane has expanded the value of her exceptional custom skin care philosophy with the creation of the Advanced Aesthetic medical grade skincare line. The years of broad industry experience, technology, application knowledge and passion were formulated into a skin care line designed to enhance at home skin health results. This exclusive skin care line combines the highest quality proven ingredients available without a prescription manufactured in an industry certified facility to the highest standards. This amazing home care line allows customers the versatility to apply a daily skin care regimen with custom designed cleansers, toners, serums, eye creams, moisturizers, and skin protection all focused on their unique skin challenges.